How is my Insurance claim handled?

As long as you have auto glass coverage insurance all you have to do in a typical situation is call the 800 number and have them fax over the insurance information. That’s it! We do everything else!

Is it worth it for me to file a claim with a high deductible?

In order to minimize your out of pocket expense, we like to analyze each glass loss both ways – cash and insurance. We’ll make sure you get the lowest cost. Sometimes deductibles can be discounted heavily. It is best to look at all your options before spending your hard earned money.

How does it work?

Many insurance companies use a free order taking and billing service to handle their glass only claims. In a lot of cases after you call your insurance company to make a claim, you simply give them our fax number of (218) 878-1200 and we’ll do the rest! It is that easy!

REMEMBER: You, the customer, have the right by law to choose any auto glass shop you feel comfortable doing business with. You can not be told or coerced by your insurance company to use a specific shop of their liking. This practice is called steering and is against the law.

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